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Karen Maia Alan Donnan

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His barn name is Smokey, and not a more gentle stallion could you hope for.  His bloodline can be traced back to the 1600’s and has both athleticism and charisma.  Everything his father Elezar was this horse has to pass on to your breeding program


Olivers Tarik

A mix of the best of the straight Egyptian bloodlines and the Bedouin bloodlines is this fine 20012 stallion.  Named in honor of Karen’s father Frederick Oliver Maia who died the day before his birth, this young colt impressed the judges on his first time out and has the moves for breeding, show or endurance.

Yepas Emerald Charm

We took the remarkable straight Egyptian bloodlines from Br Shes-Nu and crossed them with our Appaloosa   Celestine Nehamana.  The out come is an excellent sports horse or hunt seat prospect.  

Br Shes-Nu Pedigree