Br Shes-Nu, or Smokey, is very easy to handle even when around mares. His movement is so smooth and fluid it nearly always makes you stop what you are doing to watch.

We are proud to offer north Texas the path to one of the most desired bloodlines in the world, the Morafic line from our straight Egyptian stallion Br Shes-Nu.  We also have the highly regarded  stallion PD Dominos Easter King offered.

Br Shes-Nu PD Domino Easter King

PD Domino Easter King is our newest addition to the Little Gem Ranch family. We are offering his breeding services at a discounted rate in 2014

We do live cover by hand and offer pasture breeding.  All AI or shipped semen customers must make arrangements through Equine Veterinary Services.  Visiting mares can have mare care provided in our covered barn stalls.  Before booking fill out our request form, we will contact you with a link to the breeding agreement.

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